Invariant Natural Killer T-cells are Innate T-cells with NK properties

  • A subset of T-cells (Thymus-derived lymphocytes) with an optimal balance of adaptive and innate responsiveness
  • Natural role in tumor-surveillance and control
  • Allow for robust manufacturing

Anti-tumor activity

  • Naturally home to tissues
  • Direct killing of tumor cells
  • Recruit and activate Natural Killer and T cells in the tumor
  • Counteract immune suppressor cells
  • Blocks tumor escape by loss of major histocompatibility expression

Target multiple ligands expressed on solid and liquid tumors

  • Invariant T cell receptor (iTCR) detects tumor target CD1d
  • NKG2D expressed on iNKT cells detects tumor stress ligands
  • Tuneable activity through co-stimulating the iTCR results in enhanced anti-tumor function

Enhanced safety and tolerability

  • No Graft-versus-Host Disease
  • Off switch by removal through antibody targeting of the unique iTCR
  • Lymphodepletion may not be required for iNKT engraftment

Manufacturing ease

  • Easily scalable manufacturing
  • Retain functional capacity throughout manufacturing